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So a huge part of getting your personal branding tight & right is then letting that fill up your life. This is what I call LIVING YOUR BRAND. I preach this hard, because I am basic & like things simple. Plus- I have experienced the transition & want to share all of the perks that come with it.

Living your brand means your life decisions start to happen without really thinking about them or at the very least make it very clear what works & doesn’t work in day to day life.

I know it might seem super elementary & you might be thinking – “Why the hell should I take that much notice of living my brand?”

Hang tight ok! I am going to share a few reasons why Living your brand lends itself into everyday life.

living your brand

living your brand = living your truth

It’s my belief that your personal brand is an extension of who you are to your core.  It’s true you go through you life day by day just living- on auto pilot. You don’t think too much about what you’re doing, because it’s natural, butttttt once you become more aware of what’s at the core & why it’s there you can start to function with more intention, but still remaining in your auto pilot status.

For me it was losing & letting go of the fear to be who I was at my core & not having to divide my personal life from my personal brand. When I gave Original Kreative the facelift it needed (no pun- I am huge fan of a little Botox from time to time) I knew that I wasn’t going to hold back who I was & what I enjoyed day to day. Just like me – my brand is glamorously gritty, apologetically blunt & soulfully sarcastic. I enjoy wine & tequila – so you see brand photos with strategically placed wine in my hand. I also reallyyyyy love 90’s gangster rap – which I feel is anchored in my soul. I am a little rough around the edges & so I wanted to show that through my voice/tone, visuals & my stories. Living your brand is living your truth.

living your brand = work life balance

Before doing the work to find out my core branding I always felt so worn down. I felt like I had to be Kendra – professional, on point, always working, always proper, always….always…..always.... in my business. Then there was quirky, comedy queen, tequila sipping, gangster rap connoisseur, sushi disciple, reality TV obsessed mama who had to fold & tuck it all away neatly when it was time to go to work. Whew!

Now living my brand = work life balance because there aren’t any boundaries. I am who I am. Remember the extension part I was talking about. I have learned that my ideal client is going to roll with me like that & if they don’t they aren’t my ideal client. Plus I get to actually stress less & enjoy being with those that light my soul on fire! It stops feeling like I have to slice myself up & serve accordingly.

ideal clients

living your brand = PURE PLEASURE

It’s a feeling of pure euphoria. A contact high when you get to live your brand. Things feel easy, enjoyment is all around you all the time & your shit looks on point. Just sayin’.

Living my brand has made me open my eyes to how good it feels to be in total bad-ass alignment with who I am to my core. It’s easy in the fact that I no long follow my Instagram photos with #thestruggleisreal. Come on – you know that one! It’s enjoyment in the fact that it called in all of these amazing women to my life who have shown me what the word “tribe” really means & my shit looks better- well because I am #onbrand from the plates in my kitchen to the shredded black jeans that fit me just right.

I am living my brand you guys & it feels so amazing. It feels like I am slowly, but surely coming home to who I really am & I couldn’t be fucking happier.

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