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Keeping your brand photos cohesive & on brand is a really important part of communicating your overall brand effectively. And trust me when I say I know it’s hard with all of those shiny new apps, filters & presets coming at ya. You want to try them all, but staying consistent is the sweet spot. So I wanted to share my super easy top 3 tips to keep your brand photos cohesive.

you need a plan

Believe it or not there is a method to this madness. In my opinion your photos that go up on ANY social media platform should be laid out ahead of time. This creates a snapshot of what your feed will look like and is the best way to catch any odd-ball themes that might be happening.

For example – I have been using Later for the past few months & their layout is the bomb. You can plug all your photos in and rearrange them by dragging and dropping. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

edit your photos

Everyone & their dog is talking about being authentic – show up as the real you and that is great, but you absolutely must put in some editing time. I am not talking about editing your face until it’s unrecognizable, but you need to pay attention to the tone of your photos, the colors that are showing up.

I am a huge fan of an app called VSCO. Now I am a bit of an app hoarder, but this is at the very top of my list. It has a complete in-app editing solution, pre-sets and if you like the look you create on one photo – you can save it as your very own pre-set for the next editing sesh.

Aesthetic is everything.

identity your themes

It’s super easy to get caught up looking at what everyone else is posting and assume that you should be posting that as well. This is oh-so-wrong. Creating themes around your brand will help you stay cohesive and in full representation of your brand’s message.

Pick 5 mains themes to circulate throughout your posting. For my brand you will see; client design/relationships, mom life, cocktails, style & personal/professional development. Incorporating a mix of your personal as well as biz is important – just make sure your message is clear. This also helps when brainstorming photo shoots.

That’s it – super simple, but highly effective. Catch ya next time.


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