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I wanted to chat about when passion meets purpose and how to level up your brand design game. In NOT so obvious ways.

As a personal brand it’s really easy to hide behind what you do – whether it’s service based or you sell a product. However, being the face of your business is crucial for any personal brand. I know that being authentic doesn’t always come easy, because we live in a world where content is king and it’s really easy to drop into a state of FOMO when it comes to social media.

I always reference back to Nirvana when they sang “come as you are“. That is the motto for my biz & life for that matter, because as a personal brand – aren’t they one and the same?

Often times it can feel really complicated as a personal brand, because you might not know what to share, what to hold back and where the hell to show up! It’s a jungle out there, but trust me when I tell you I am living it right there beside you and that’s what inspired me to share some REALLY simple tips on how to show up as the CEO and live among the rest of the jungle cats.


Your story is yours & only yours. It can only be told once & will only be told the way YOU can tell it. It deserves to be told. Weaving your stories throughout your personal brand is a way to create an emotional connection with your audience. We are living in time where people know they have choice (sometimes too much choice) – they now want to relate and connect with the people they buy from.


I preach hard on this one. You need to build a community of ride or dies that will be more than happy to become your brand ambassadors, but you need to nurture the relationship and be in a constant state of serving. Brand ambassadors are the ones that will share your visuals, re-post your Instagram & pin your pins so that they spread like wild fire.


Oh ya- this is a big one. It’s important to remember YOU are an EXPERIENCE & people want to go on that journey with you. From the first touch point they want to know they are a part of something they won’t get anywhere else. It’s unique to you. Be innovative – challenge the status quo & think outside the box.


Design an aesthetic that fits you like your favorite pair of jeans. Your visual brand identity is a tool used to communicate your brand, message & values. It should represent you in a way that is authentic. Something that creates awareness and loyalty. It should be molded to every curve & possibility that is unique to your personal brand.


Living your brand means aligning your passion with your purpose. It’s ok to just BE YOU, because YOU are YOUR brand. You will never leave it & it will never leave you. You will win together & fail together. Remember to let the real you come through in your visuals. Understanding THAT is the best advice I can give you.

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