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7 Branding Mistakes You Could Be Making

As an entrepreneur do you ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels & you aren’t seeing any progress? Yup – I’ve been there too & it is super frustrating. That’s why I wanted to share 7 branding mistakes you could be making, because let’s face it our brands are our core & everything is an extension of that. Hopefully this will get you thinking about your brand & how you might be able to level up.



For me this is a BIG one. Inconsistency can kill your brand. I see it all the time, but don’t feel bad we all are there at some point (including myself). It’s definitely one that needs practice in order to master.

So why is being consistent important to your brand? Well because it crease brand awareness – keeps you top-of-mind. It also creates trust with your audience. If your brand is showing up consistent & solid – your loyalty factor goes up. It shows your audience they can rely on you & trust/loyalty create brand ambassadors.


You can probably guess that as a Brand Stylist I am going to shout this one from the roof tops. Your Visual Brand Identity is a crucial element of any brand, because it is how you will communicate your brand to your audience. If you are constantly starting over, using less than visuals, ad-hocking every graphic/font- you are doing yourself & your brand a HUGE disservice.

Often times your visuals are the first impression– the initial handshake a potential customer will make with your business & I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but “a first impression is a lasting impression.” You can’t get that back. Creating an authentic kick-ass visual brand identity is going to make thing a heck of alot easier on you.


So you now know that you’re visuals are mucho-importante, but without a solid message & story you are like a superhero without any powers.

I wouldn’t lie to you. I know as a personal brand I preach about interjecting tons of personal into your brand/biz, but there has to be a purpose. It needs to root itself somewhere. Talking about stories or sending messages that have ZERO to do with your brand aren’t going to do you any good. It is a skill to tell a personal storyand weave in your brand or to tell your brand message while drizzling on a sweet story. It’s a well choreographed dance, but if done correctly it will captivate your audience.


I am well aware that we ALL start here. It is inevitable that you will totally DIY the shit out of your biz for as long as you can. I want to warn you for doing this for too long as it can hurt your up-leveling game big time. It’s only a matter of time before thing look off & don’t align with your message.

Yes there comes a point when you have to move on up & your can’t take your glue gun with you, but this is the BEST investment you will make in your business.


I am definitely NOT saying never rebrand, but you need to be strategic about this one. Being completely transparent, this is the one that I suffered from. Starting Original Kreative was such an exciting time & starting out (Cue the DIY-ing) was great, but not having properly invested in my branding (as so many of us fail to do) left me starting over & over & over. This can be a huge drain on dinero & time. I urge you to consider what this investment could mean to you? If I had invested in my branding a longgggg time ago I would have saved myself so much agony.

Starting over can be great if it met with purpose & intention, rebranding without these is like Teflon for personal brands. Nothing sticks & that means your customers too.


Listen we ALL aren’t reinventing the wheel here – I get that, but the copycat syndrome is  a very slippery slope. First of all your brand needs to be authentic to you. How can it be authentic if you just do exactly or look exactly as someone else? It will leave your audience thinking “where have I seen this before?” Being inauthentic can only hurt you in the long run. Plus, you won’t be able to keep up the facade forever. Eventually because this brand your copied is not you- you’re going to run into blocks that you won’t be able to break through & then guess what? You’re going through Mistake #5 AGAIN!

You need to get to the guts of what makes your personal brand- YOU!


I see this alot with brands- they become outdated. They aren’t relevant & become a social media tumble weed that clogs up our feed. I have said it before – your brand is a living thing – just as you are. It should be growing, changing, evolving. If it doesn’t…

Let you brand expand as you do- stay fresh, but don’t forget to tell your stories along the way to keep your audience connected with the growth.


Your personal brand is an extension of you – making the investment of staying on top of these 7 branding mistakes could help keep you out of the no fly zone.

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