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Your website is like having a sales team working around the clock 24/7. It’s often times afirst impression & interaction people have with your business/brand. It needs to represent you & have purpose. It is a important tool that can guide its audience to follow a path – a path you have strategically created in order for them to take action. ⁠

It’s really easy for our websites to periodically become neglected. If you haven’t done a website audit in a while – here are a few basic tips to help get your website back on track.⁠ I wanted to give simple starter steps that take very little time, but really make a difference in the overall picture.

website design tips


Your site needs to have a favicon. Don’t sweat it if you don’t know what a favicon is – cuz I’ll break it down for you. A favicon is a 16×16 pixel icon that usually represents your branding. Whether it’s a logo or some sort of branded icon. Often times people will bookmark a website so it’s easier to come back to & that tiny icon makes it easier to identify your website.

It might seem like such a small detail you think gets overlooked – think again, because it’s all about the details these days. People are programmed to notice things like this. There are maybe websites that allow you to generate a favicon or you can always build one in a design program like Canva.


Limit the ads/pop-ups. Gone are the days of pushy sleazy internet ads sales turning up all over websites. It’s all about being of service & provide real authentic value. Those pesky pop-up & ads can make your site look cheap.⁠


Please please please make sure your site is mobile responsive. This is a BIG one. According to these stats -over 50% of website views are made from a mobile device & if your website can’t function like a proper website you can say goodbye to your traffic.⁠


If you are a personal brand you need to make sure that your face is on your website. Not just once on the about page – multiple times throughout. You are the face of your business & people are craving connection now more than ever. They want to see you – they want to know you.⁠


Make sure that your website follows on suite with your brand design & if you don’t have a proper brand design than at the very least keep your foundations consistent: fonts, photo tone, colors, etc. Basically make sure your website is attractive & cohesive. ⁠Remember that people are visual first.


Let your site breath. White space is so important. Don’t crowd you website up with a bunch of “stuff”. Less is more when it comes to websites- otherwise your visitors will feel too overwhelmed & often times bounce off busy websites.


Your domain name & email handles matter. Try not to have a domain name that sprawls 35 characters long. It’s really annoying to have to type in & make sure your emails have a professional business handle. Representing yourself properly really matters – it shows your potential customers that you have your shit together.

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