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You might not realize this, but your brand style is a major player in your overall brand. It is a communication tool and often times the most important communication tool – since most humans on the planet are visual first. I wanted to share a few ways that your brand aesthetic can influence your entire brand and why you might want to double check that your brand identity is clear, authentic and cohesive.


Creating brand awareness is an industry term for saying “hey – we are memorable” and being memorable is such an important part of your brand, but is often times the most difficult to achieve.

We live in a world where choice is abundant no matter what niche you settle your business into, but here’s the thing though. While people realize that choice is abundant they are now searching for a deeper connection when making a decision about what brands they want to align themselves with. It’s more important than ever that you make sure your brand is memorable.

One way to do that is to make sure all of your brand touch points are cohesive. You want to create a signature look and feel that expands across every interaction.  Think about the “golden arches” – makes you want a large fry and quarter pounder – right?!


Being super intentional with your brand aesthetic means that your message and beliefs will be communicated in a way that sparks emotion in your audience. People want to get behind something that aligns with their beliefs and when that happens – you instantly have brand ambassadors.

Emotion plays a big role in why people decide to buy, why people decide to connect. It is important to design with intention around what emotions you want associated with your brand so you can start building your community and connect with that community every time they come into contact with your brand.


It’s a little known fact – brands that are cohesive and intentional with their brand aesthetic create dependability.

Think about it like this. Brands that have inconsistency in their appearance might create concern around consistency in the service or product they provide. That brand might be labeled erratic. Mixed signals create confusion and uncertainty.

If your social media has a magical unicorn vibe, but your product is formal and masculine, this will definitely create a disconnect and be confusing to your audience.


Let’s face it – you need to know that your brand aesthetic is tight and right. You can’t afford to lose those split second opportunities to make connection with your audience.

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