In any relationship it’s important to make sure there is good chemistry and a working relationship is no exception. This is probably the most crucial step in the whole process. Good chemistry = unmeasurable success. I realize that everyone has a limited amount of time. That’s why I am flexible when it comes to our meet up. I am available via email, phone, text. At this stage I just want to get to know a little bit about you and let you get to know me.


Ok so we have the chemistry. Now what? Well now it’s time for me to get to work. I will put together a proposal based on our introductory discussion. Once you have a chance to look over the proposal and if everything looks good then you simply sign, scan and email the proposal back to me. Don’t forget to keep a copy of it for yourself. At this point your deposit is due – this books your spot and allows me to start your project.


Yes you read right. There is a little bit of homework due in this project. Don’t worry – it’s fun and crucial in putting your brand information together. This is a 2 stage process and keeps you busy until your project start date. The first step is going to be a brand questionnaire. This is where I get to learn a lot more about you, your brand, your business and becomes the foundation for your brand’s growth. The second step is creating a Pinterest board. This is going to allow me to have a visual of what you like – allowing me to see exactly the kinds of things you’re drawn to.


Ready, set, go! And we’re off. Your project start date has arrived and it’s time to put it all together. I will start by creating an Inspiration Board. This is a space that reflects which direction your brand will go and gives a solid confirmation that we are on the same page and moving in a positive direction. Your first deliverable will arrive 10 days from your project start date. Once you’ve had a chance to make your changes and you approve the board it’s time to move on to the next step. Logo creation is a key fundamental in your brand and is often time the first impression you make on someone. From the date your Inspiration Board is approved I will require 10 days to create 4 logos. You will have a chance to make your revisions until we have the logo you love.


Now it’s time to pull it all together and give your brand some legs to stand on. I will create a Brand Board that will include; your finalized logo, a brand color palette, sub mark, 1 logo variation, suggested patterns, shapes & fonts. You will receive your Brand Board 5-7 days from the day your logo is finalized. You will again have a chance to make your revisions. Once the approval is made on the Brand Board, your final payment is due. After the final payment is made all your files will be sent to you and you’re ready to go!



Once the Brand Board is approved it’s time to move to the next step. First I will begin your business card design. The card will be based around your brand. You also have the choice to pick 1 branded print material. I will design both the business card and print material option together and send them to you for a revision of each. While you work on that, I will begin your Facebook & Twitter designs. Expect this entire step to take approximately 7-10 days. Full print services are available. (Note that print quotes are separate.)


Once you have approved your business cards, print material & social media design it is time to start your website. You are required to provide all necessary website content & photos. Website photos are first priority, because I begin your mockup once I have received your photos. Website content will have its own due date. While I start your mock-up you will begin compiling your website content. The mock-up stage takes approximately 10-15 days. Once you receive your website mockup you will have a chance to make your revisions. After the mockup is approved any changes will be billed separately at the designer hourly rate.


Once the web design mockup is approved I complete the design of your website. You can relax and kick back while I put it all together. The website development takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Your website will be built behind the scenes and once completed you will be given a private access login to view the site and make your revisions before it goes live. Once approved your project balance is due.


Congrats on your new brand. Now that you have all the brand parts and pieces and your site is live you can enjoy the endless benefits of having an “organically” grown brand. You have 30 minutes of my time that expire 1 month from the date your site launches to pick my brain and ask the questions you need to know about website maintenance or maybe just a general walk through. Website maintenance plans are available and are quoted separately from the project.