I recently had the pleasure of working with an aluminum boat manufacturing company in Duncan, BC Canada. A company that has been in business for over 34 years and has over 3,000 boats in service. As a Canadian myself I grew on the northern Saskatchewan lakes- fishing for Jack, Perch and anything that would land on my hook, but even with the fishing knowledge I have I learned so much about boat manufacturing and the heart and soul this family owned company puts into it.

When I first began working with Lifetimer Boats they already had a website in place and with years of well known marketing aspects it made the transition into a new site a breeze. Not only was this company flexible to work with they really embraced the change and the new look.

I wanted to keep the nostalgia of their company intact by using the color from their logo throughout the site. The red and blue represents years of boat manufacturing and a company that has trickled down through the generations. While keeping some of the tradition- I also wanted to give this website and company and update and bring them into a current look and feel. I wanted to give their visitors an experience that showcases not only the product they build, but the history and knowledge this company has.

This fully responsive website features an stock galley page with individual boat specs, a sell your boat form completely with picture and video upload options and a compare your boat page that allows the visitor to bookmark boats they like and then compare them against eachother on one page. The site also features modern elements like parallax, animated icons and counters and an interactive home page slider.


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