A tequila-loving,

Hey I'm Kendra


brand & web designer

I used to be just like you..

I didn’t know where to start. I was in a constant state of reinvention & 1000% flying by the seat of my pants. My brand design was all over the place & wasn’t authentic. Honestly, I had no idea how to communicate who I was & what I was communicating wasn’t attracting who or what I wanted.

My clients always wanted things done cheaper & were constantly confused about what exactly I did. I felt pulled in a million different directions. And I didn’t think I was enough. I was frustrated, exhausted, defeated & lost.

 But then an unexpected turn...I lost my husband unexpectedly at the age of 35. My daughter Madden was 10. I was living in Texas, USA on a work visa that was under my husband’s, so when he passed away I had 30 days to pack up & move back to Canada. I learned more about myself in 2017 than I ever have, and I knew that I had to pick myself up & move forward – taking Original Kreative with me.

In 2018 I felt ready (enough) to dust off what little was left of my company. To fight for it. I hired a team that took me through a transformational branding process and I finally got the clarity I needed. For the first time in my life I knew who I was & what I wanted for myself.

My branding journey allowed me to see the bigger picture about what it means to be your own brand. From there I gained the clarity on my purpose, message & values. I designed myself a brand that looked just like ME & rose up to rewrite my story, know that my true strength is creating connection out of chaos. I realized I wanted to help other female entrepreneurs to be seen exactly for who they are. I wanted to help them craft memorable brands that attracted their ideal clients & created a community that they were proud to serve.

Just like my brand – my journey is raw & real. And I’m guessing yours is too?

i'm obsessed

over it

90's hip-hop & rap



hot sauce

lima beans

the cold

rude people


graphic tees

putting lemon on everything

reality tv

people without a sense of humor

bad drivers

the perfect spicy marg (Ehhmm mine)

clean sheets

nail bitters

a messy kitchen

bad customer service

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