Our partnership will have strategy + creativity.

You're ready for the world to see the real you, truly have a connection with your brand & feel like they finally get you.

Ok! i'm ready!

This partnership is for you if you crave...


You feel it’s time to connect with a brand partner who cultivates your one-of-a-kindness with strategy & designs your brand with creative intention.


You’re ready to discover your magic & uncover your visual brand identity so you can finally feel aligned with your values & your dream clients.


You are tired of being pulled in a million different directions. You are ready to understand how to communicate with your visuals & how to use them so you can confidently show up as yourself!





Pulled in a million different directions with no idea where to start. Googling "how to" a million times a day.

Feeling a massive disconnect between myself & my brand. Losing confidence with every creative attempt.

Distracted & confused about how I could stand out in the crowd while keeping everything clear & cohesive.

Overwhelmed by the chaos of knowing where to show up, who I was & how I was going to do it.

Truth time- I've been where you are....like really been there.

You've been searching for a creative partnership- that's what brought you here! You're ready to get raw & real so you can finally uncover the magic that makes you - YOU! You're ready to shake shit up, destroy the disconnect & build your empire!

The Empire Experience

how it works



While I am the expert in all things design – you are the expert of your business. That’s why our creative partnership begins with me getting to know a bit more about you & your business.

During this time you will have some strategic, yet creative homework & have some deep dive chats with me so that I can then begin to flush out the foundation of your brand identity.



Now I will take all of that magical brand strategy & begin to translate it into a brilliant one-of-a-kind brand identity that includes a full arsenal of your brand visuals.

This arsenal of visuals will keep your brand cohesive, communicate who you are & attract your like-minded dream clients.



Once you have had the chance to sit with your new brand design- we will begin to work together to refine and perfect it until it’s aligned with your strategic business goals.



We are finished & your brand identity is ready to go. I will serve up all your files + Brand Guidelines that walk you through exactly how to use your new brand design in the real world.

what's included

Brand Strategy

Moodboard & Creative Direction

Primary Logo

Brand Mark

1 Collateral Element

Font System

Brand Guidelines

Print & Web Ready Files

Project timeline: 3 months

Secondary Logo

Color Palette

Custom Brand Pattern

There's never been a better time to invest in your visual branding.

Stop DIY-ing your brand to death & leave the design to me so you can get back to you & what you do best!

Ditch the confusion & communicate who you really are through bad-ass boundary breaking visuals meant just for you.

Quit re-inventing yourself & align yourself with strategic creativity that will call in your dream clients.

Through strategic creativity I'm going to show you how to communicate who you are to the world - and actually feel good about it.

feeling disconnected from the brand you've worked so hard for can be frustrating...

The key to crafting a visual brand identity that has clarity, connection & confidence comes from the partnership that is formed between myself & passionate business owners who understand you are the expert of your business & I am the expert of mine. Together we are pure magic!

ok i wanna know more

"Going into this project I had no idea what to expect. I was still conforming to what I thought I should look like compared to other planners, but you helped me find my most authentic self. Your creativity & insight always exceeded my expectations. Keep doing what you're doing."

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Meet your glamorously gritty brand stylist - Kendra.

lovingly offensive, unexpectedly real, uncomfortably charming

So excited you're here & I truly hope we meet up to chat about you & your biz! We all have a story to tell & I believe visuals are an important part of the connection piece. That is why it lights my soul on fire to blow-up-the-box & break creative boundaries to cultivate unity between a brand's identity & their owners.   

Frequently Asked Questions

would you design just a logo-it's all i need right now?

Because of my commitment to the strategy behind brand visuals I usually don't take on projects smaller than The Empire Experience. However, I know that many business owners just starting out aren't ready to make that investment just yet. That's why I offer a few intensive design days! If you are interested in working with me on a smaller scale get in touch with me here.

how do you establish if we are a good fit for this creative partnership?

It's all about getting to know everything about you! During our clarity call we will talk through your biz story, why you do what you do, your goals for this project, your timeline & commitment ,as well as, what is working well for you now & what isn't. After all, visual branding is a foundational piece of your overall biz, so having a good fit is crucial not only for this project, but for continued work together! My clients are passionate, creatively driven, bold, easygoing, punctual & respectful! 

How do I know the empire experience is right for me?

The Empire Experience is for business owners who are tired of feeling frustrated from the disconnect between themselves & their brand. They want to communicate who they are with confidence & clarity so they can connect with their dream clients. This experience offers passionate business owners like yourself the opportunity to have an entire arsenal of visuals that are cultivated from authenticity, strategy & creative intention. No more struggling with DIYing or reinvention- this is the ultimate level-up!

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