behind the logo

The Apricity Psychology primary logo centers around the concept of the word “Apricity” which means - warmth of the sun in the winter. This nature-based brand uses the watercolor sun to communicates warmth & comfort which is the experience of Apricity Psychology & its practices. While the stand alone hand- drawn Evergreen tree symbolizes the inner strength &empowerment that can be found through supportive healing.

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brand rationale

The Apricity Psychology brand appeals to those that are in search of identifying current behaviors or patterns that haven’t been serving them in their lives or who are looking to move from past experiences that continue to have an impact on their lives day to day. Its warm inviting tone creates the centerpiece for connection, safety & empowerment. The custom designed logo & brand elements allow the brand to tell its story & communicate true authenticity. The Apricity Psychology brand uses symbolic elements from nature to encourage its clients to find grounded comfort & eventually become the experts of their own lives.

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